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A brief overview of the people behind “World of Poisons”.


Dr. Nils Kley

Dr. Nils Kley

Zoo director, seminar leader & presenter

Main profession: Veterinarian

Studied veterinary medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from 2002 – 2008;

Doctorate at the same university in 2011.

National and international veterinary practice and teaching in the field of exotic, zoo and wild animal medicine, specialising in reptiles and fluttering animals.

National and international training in the keeping and safe handling of venomous animals, including at the Munich Dangerous Animal Training Centre and venomous snake course in October 2015 under Ass. Prof. Dr Bryan Grieg Fry, Romilly van den Bergh (Game of Cobras) and Marc Jaeger (ReptilEXPO). Member of DGHT-AG Ark, AG Schlangen, AG Warane / Krustenechsen and ZGAP.

Generally sworn and court-certified expert for the specialist areas 11.01, 33.01, 33.16, 33.75 and 33.80.

DGHT/VDA expert & expert examiner (general reptile husbandry & dangerous animals: venomous snakes and lizards)


Sandra Kley

Zoo Manager

2003-2010: Veterinary studies at VetmedUni Vienna, Austria
2011-2012: Basic studies in animal homeopathy, Animalmundi Academy, Egestorf, Germany
2011: Training as a feed expert for horses, Dr Christina Fritz, Vienna, Austria
2012-2013: ATM training as a veterinary practitioner specialising in homeopathy, Bad Bramstedt, Germany
2016: University of Florida: The Horse Course – Introduction to Basic Care and Management – online course
2018-2019: Dogtisch training as a dog nutritionist, Vienna, Austria

since 2021: Zoomanager World of Poisons

Support & help


We regularly receive national and international externship enquiries. As much as we appreciate your interest, we must point out that the exhibition is currently run on a part-time basis. Accordingly, we cannot offer externship supervision during the week, but only on individual days (e.g. weekends). Individual externship enquiries (e.g. as part of an animal keeper training programme) can be submitted to us in consideration of the above -mentioned circumstances.


We would like to support the following projects with your help:

Species conservation: The Serra Grande Center in Brazil, which is dedicated to protecting the giant South American bushmaster.

Humanitarian aid: The Global Snakebite Initiative, which helps victims of venomous bites, especially in developing countries.

Animal welfare: The Reptile Sanctuary Munich e.V., which looks after abandoned, confiscated or surrendered exotic animals throughout Germany.

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We recommend that you visit the following facilities:

You can research our current animal population (excluding invertebrates) by using theZoo Animal List.

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