Company regulations

Dear visitor,

Please observe our zoo regulations, also with regard to the children entrusted to your care. We urge you to fulfill your duty of supervision conscientiously in order to prevent accidents, damage, etc. from the outset.
For your own safety and that of our staff and animals, it is necessary to observe the following rules.

  1. Touching animals and exhibits is only permitted with the prior permission of the staff and under their supervision.
  2. Do not knock on the windows and do not irritate/annoy the animals.
  3. Stay in the visitor area, do not cross any barriers and do not enter the premises without prior permission from authorized personnel.
  4. Children / adolescents under the age of 16 and persons who do not have the necessary maturity to observe the zoo rules or who require permanent supervision due to their mental or physical condition may only enter the “World of Poisons” premises when accompanied by a person of legal age who is required to supervise them.
  5. Please use furnishings for their intended purpose and do not destroy them willfully. Waste may only be disposed of in the containers provided for this purpose.
  6. Bicycles, scooters, balance bikes, inline skates, etc. and music equipment are not permitted.
  7. Dogs may be brought along, provided that the owner(s) can guarantee continuous control during the entire stay.
  8. Photography and filming is only permitted with the prior permission of authorized personnel, for private purposes and in compliance with the personal rights of visitors and employees.
  9. The image material may be used both in the private sphere and in forums that serve exclusively for the exchange of knowledge and hobby in the field of photography / zoos. The commercial use and sale of the photos in any form requires a prior request and written verified agreement with the responsible operators of the “World of Poisons”. This also includes databases and photo exchanges in which you offer your photos commercially in return for usage/license fees. In this case, “Welt der Gifte” is not responsible for compliance with and the existence of copyright and/or data protection regulations; this is the sole responsibility of the person taking the photos and filming. The “World of Poisons” reserves the right to use motifs from the zoo itself for commercial and advertising purposes.
  10. Visitors are liable to the “World of Poisons” for damages resulting from non-compliance with the zoo regulations or any other slightly negligent behavior by them or the children / dogs they are responsible for supervising.
  11. The “World of Poisons” is not liable for any damage caused to visitors as a result of breaches of the zoo regulations.
  12. Instructions issued by authorized employees to maintain zoo operations / enforce zoo regulations must be followed immediately. Violations of the zoo regulations may result in expulsion from the premises (without reimbursement of costs).

Status: 25.09.2021

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